Ep 059 | Rebuilding Ruins

Season 5 | Episode 59
49m | Feb 19, 2024

What would your life look like, if you knew without a doubt that God would rebuild the ruins of your life?

Would your life be any different?

Josh, and Drew are joined by John Gallagher of the Black Sheep Recovery Warfare Podcast to talk about just that on this episode of Unashamed Recovery.

This episode topic is centered from ACTS 15:16. In the context of that scripture we see prophecy about rebuilding the temple from the ruins.

Let's look at this scripture through the lense of recovery, especially in the aspect of our past.

The ruins may be our past, but the rebuilding happens in the present, surrounded by those who uplift us.

And as we talk about rebuilding, it's essential to address the potential setbacks and challenges. Have you faced obstacles in your recovery journey, and how did faith contribute to overcoming them?

There have been moments where it felt like the ruins were too extensive. But that's where faith steps in – it's the anchor that holds us steady. Believing in the promise of rebuilding, even in the face of setbacks, fuels the resilience needed for recovery.

"What if today I believed that God will rebuild from the ruins?"

Other Episode Verses :

Joel 2:25-27



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