Ep 060 | Chaos to Kindness

Season 5 | Episode 60
1h 32m | Mar 4, 2024

Josh, Drew & John Gallagher of Black Sheep Recovery Warfare Recovery Podcast sit down with the Ministry Leader of Foundry Celebrate Recovery in Vicksburg, MS, Danny Ivey.

It's not often that Kindness follows the word Chaos

Danny's life starts off born in the pit, with the world immediately stacked against him, born into an environment of chaos and violence.

Danny's story is the living example that brokeness gets passed down, from generation to generation. Trapped in a cycle of pain, incarnations, crime, gangs, addiction and violence, Danny must finally come to face this cycle and decide whether he will continue in the insanity of the endless cycle or will he make a stand and break the cycle.

From Gang Leader to Ministry Leader. From Chaos to Kindness.



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