Ep 058 | Rock Bottom

Season 5 | Episode 58
1h 0m | Feb 5, 2024

Buckle up Recovery Fam, this episode of Unashamed Recovery is one you don't want to miss a single second. Josh, Drew, & Palmer are joined by self proclaimed sharp dressed author, poet, tattooligan, 80's metal fan & Mississippi's own Steve Robertson.

With a brand new book out, When the Bottom Falls, Steve stops by to share his story, talk recovery, the infamous Rose Bowl, bridge burning, amends, RC Cola, second chances, 32 years of sobriety, surviving suicide, college football, float therapy, & being a man without a country.

Make sure to grab a pen & some paper to jot down some great pearls of wisdom from Steve's 3 decade sober journey. Also make sure you have the tissue box ready for this emotional rollercoaster as Steve recalls some intense moments in early recovery coming off the coat tails of Rock Bottom.

"Don't Lead an accidental Life"


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