Ep54: Surprise, Surprise - it's all about Truck

1h 0m | Dec 13, 2022

START YOUR ENGINES, it's TRUCK! Kevin and Chris react to this rarity in the Lion City's discography: Truck's one and only album, Surprise! Surprise!

Truck who, you say? Truck was a spin-off – and one-off – band, made up of October Cherries' members Jay Shotam, Benny Siew and Richard Khan. Surprise! Surprise! was, in essence, a reworking of the October Cherries' album, Dreamseller. But with added keyboards and synths. Does this album of psychedelic-esque songs work? Why are the vocals like that? Find out in this episode!

*Please forgive the sound – audio distortion inherent at source.


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Check out Truck's tracks

Surprise Surprise

Broken Chair

One Fine Day


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