Ep89: The Axean review (feat. Bas Linders)

Season 3 | Episode 98
57m | Nov 25, 2023

The Axean Festival last month featured 50 music artistes taking the opportunity to strut their stuff for the audiences at the Goodman Arts Centre, but did it achieve its goals? We don't know, we didn't organise it.

But we can tell you what we liked and didn't like. Especially since we have our favourite gig guy Bas Linders in this episode to share his views. Meanwhile, Chris and Kevin wonder if such events are a good idea – and what could be done to make them better. Should the bands get together and use this as a platform to tour regionally? Are crowds here interested in bands from our neighbouring countries? And how do you REALLY pronounce "Axean"?

Special appearance: Rebel Moon's Lim Yu Beng as "concertgoer who gives soundbite".



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