Ep87: Aeriqah

Episode 96
54m | Nov 12, 2023

Meet Aeriqah, a musician whose introspective tunes have captured the hearts of fans both in Singapore and overseas. How else can you explain her picking up the Best Duet (Viewers Choice) prize at this year's California Music Video Awards for her song 'Maybe', a duet featuring Umar Sirhan?

From forming a circle of like-minded friends in the music scene - including the likes of RENE and Jean Seizure - to becoming one of the Lion City's rising stars, the singer-songwriter has grown into her own, with ballads reflecting her innermost thoughts and emotions. Her new EP, House Parties, is the latest in a string of releases that show the musician at her best. Check out her story in this episode...



Check out Aeriqah's House Parties

Watch the award-winning music video for 'Maybe'

Listen to Kevin Mathews' music

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