Ep88: J.M3 (feat. Lennat!)

Season 3 | Episode 97
56m | Nov 16, 2023

THIS WEEK: It's the incredible tale of J.M3! Recorded in early October, we sat down with the Singapore hip-hop artiste who has been making waves not just in the Lion City but in the region and beyond. Her hit 'Hot Sauce' has been featured in the US TV series, Kung Fu; 'Tap Out' was in the movie, Joy Ride (starring Everything Everywhere All At Once actress Stephanie Hsu), and she has even got her music on video games!

So how did J.M3 (aka Jamie) get her start? She shares how she went from dancing to rapping, why she chose that moniker and what drives her to succeed. This girl is going places, and it's not least thanks to Lennat Mak, erstwhile drummer of Obedient Wives Club (and featured voice!) who takes care of bizness for J.M3.

(*bloopers: please forgive us - we called the video game Affyn, but the full name is Affyn - Buddy Arena. We also called her EP Athena 180 when it's actually 180 Athena)



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