Ep61: Creative coupling with Rae and Cravis

1h 3m | Feb 25, 2023

Meet Rae and Cravis, two young people from different backgrounds who met in the Music and Drama Company and began their life journey together. Rae currently hosts the show, Backstage Pass with MDC, which features Singapore's hot young music talents; while Cravis works with musicians and is a dancer too.

If you think about it, they, it seems, have done everything, everywhere and (nearly) all at once: Rae has been on TV, on the radio, presenting and performing on stage; while Cravis has been performing with musicians both here and from overseas (most recently with France's Maya Diegel). But surprisingly, they haven't released any music together... yet. So we had to ask: Why leh?



Buy Kevin's new album Time Flies here

Cravis' concert performance with Maya Diegel

Cravis' music and beats on Soundcloud and on Spotify

Rae featured on Homegrown

Rae presents Backstage Pass with MDC: Season 3 / Season 4


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