S4 EP63: Get Rid of Emotional Baggage: PT 5 Heart Transformation Series

Season 4 | Episode 63
53m | Nov 2, 2023

Having self control is different from practicing self-control. It is not as easy said and done. You cannot reign over anger when you are pushed to the edge, you cannot pull yourself out of unwise decisions when you are on an emotional high… you need the One who doesn’t condemn and bring on shame. This friend will remind you subtly, what is important and of value to you.

Three thoughts from today's episode are three ways to develop self control:

Keep evil and sin far from your lips, your heart, your eyes. If you harbor sin in your heart and mind, you cannot hear from the Spirit thus the fruit of self-control and the others will fade from your heart. Do not be conceited, do not provoke, do not envy these are the little foxes that spoil the vineyard of our hearts and soon, we are out of control.

Pre-decide how you want the end of a situation to be. If you want to see joy at the end, then pre-decide in your mind that that is what you want and that you are ready to do everything you can to behold that joy. If you find yourself rushing, hurrying, being impatient, slow down and check if you are still on track toward the end you want or you are off track.

Quiet the noise around you and listen for the Spirit’s prompting in your heart. What He says will always align to the Word and in particular, it will bring a sense of peace and motivation - not condemnation and shame. You may feel guilty to make things right but never guilty to harm yourself or others. 

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