• E10 - Super Twist Ending

    It’s hard to make 10 episodes without turning it into work. It’s hard to be honest, especially by yourself. It’s hard to stay full when everything, every second wants a piece. It’s hard to be creative and organized. It’s hard to be creative, period. It’s hard to be organized, period. It’s hard to feel peace in the city, period. It’s hard to make music when the planet is screaming. It’s hard to be angry and constructive. It’s hard to maintain sanity these days. Ain’t it? Musical guests include Panthera 95, Wes S Ables, and The Modules. Produced and Distributed by Raptor Smoke Records.

    E10 - 47m - Apr 8, 2020
  • E09 - The Maiden Voyage

    “Sustainability” isn’t quite the buzzword it was last year, survival is more relevant. In this episode a quarantined Slapstick Machete acknowledges the pain of this cosmic moment. He has always theorized about the end times, but it’s still scary to live through the apocalypse. Momentary relief is found in creation, improvisation, exploration, loops, nostalgia, silliness, and substance abuse - but how long is this sustainable? The water is starting to boil.

    Musical highlights include the song, "Pop Rock" by Public Spreads the News, and jamz from the farm

    E9 - 1h 3m - Apr 1, 2020
  • E08 - Shadows on The Wall

    Slapstick takes a deep dive into philosophy this week. Put your thinking shoes on, we’re taking a trip out of the cave. Spontaneous Combustion. Organic Material Destroyed. Shredded horror. Crystalized stale sorrow. Clear a path. Open a portal. Fix your hair for the apocalypse. Still a better love story than putting on your shoes to sit completely still and die a slow, painful death. Stephen Byard musical accompanist from E01 (!) makes a triumphant return for the entirety of the episode, improvising music to Slapstick’s improvised poetry. Stop thinking start jamming. Produced and Distributed by Raptor Smoke Records.

    E8 - 1h 21m - Mar 12, 2020
  • E07 - My Fictional Universe - Side B

    Side B - A long loved tradition of analog formats, generally reserved for the deep cuts. B sides typically begin with, “us” the listener already immersed in the story and mood of the piece. Slapstick while usually one to break with tradition, does not here. I hope you’re taking notes because this week we go even deeper into the story of Bystander, 4th dimension exploration and ultimately the fate of our cosmos. Put on your new skin and become a 24th century archeologist. Musical cuts by Panthera 95. Produced and Distributed by Raptor Smoke Records.

    E7 - 57m - Mar 5, 2020
  • E06 - My Fictional Universe - Side A

    In this monolithic episode Slapstick brings us deep into his world, the world inside his head, the world he discovered with his time machine. His sci-fi trilogy, "Dust in The Abyss" begins to be uncovered. Bystander explains the 11th Floor Ward and Jesiah explains Bystander, the thin line between reality and fantasy is tiptoed across. Other highlights include a conversation with friends about Slapstick’s tape recording techniques, the Cosmic Highway Interlude pt. 1, 2, and 3, a portion of a poem by Álvaro de Campos, and the Parable of the Car-Salesman. Produced and Distributed by Raptor Smoke Records.

    E6 - 53m - Feb 27, 2020
  • E05 - The End Is Nigh

    In this episode Slapstick explores our relationship with artifacts, the contagious nature of fearless self-expression, and creation without hesitation or, “the impulse of the imagination.” You will also hear a translation of the single preserved copy of, “The Complaints of Khakheperre-Sonb” an Egyptian Poem written between 1550-1292 BC - the most prosperous era of Ancient Egypt. This commercial for free art and poetry also includes musical interludes by Orator, Slapstick’s new Metal band. Captured at Orator’s first practice you will hear Jordan Swafford of Handlines on drums, Travis Trevisan of Tape Deck Mountain playing the guitar, Wes Ables of Public Spreads the News on bass, and of course Slapstick running his mouth. Produced and Distributed by Raptor Smoke Records.

    E5 - 48m - Feb 20, 2020
  • E04 - Follow Me! (or "Modern Cannibals of the 24th")

    Originally titled, “Variations no. 1” this ambient tape is designed as a meditation on the creative process. This episode is best experienced with a pen and paper (or your favored weapon of invention) in your hands as it is meant to loosen up and energize the artistic areas of your brain. Slapstick made this sound collage from sampling over 300 tapes from his ever-expanding collection. This transmission contains moments, captured over one year of his life. You’ll hear the cassette warp fire engines into bombing sirens, and church bells into ghostly hands reaching out from another dimension. The first episode to be recorded in 2020, Slapstick calls this stimuli packed tape his most carefully crafted release yet. This special one-month anniversary of the show introduces new episode artwork designed by Slapstick himself and is also the first episode to feature an Artist’s Note at the beginning to help expound upon it’s origin and intent. Produced and Distributed by Raptor Smoke Records.

    E4 - 1h 7m - Feb 13, 2020
  • E03 - The Sacred Text

    Many episodes of The Modern Imagination were never intended to be a podcast or even intended to ever be heard by other people. Slapstick has been making tapes by himself, for himself for a long time as his own personal form of meditation, reflection, and therapy. This episode was recorded in October 2019, months before the idea of digitizing and releasing his tapes as a podcast came about, what you are hearing is Slapstick talking himself through his rebirth from a car salesman to an unhinged, wild and free artist.

    Highlights include Slapstick reminiscing on his wild and comical childhood growing up in the swamps of central Florida, finding an infinite world of fun simply playing with the sounds of his own voice, and finding music in the everyday chaos of the city. During the recording process the battery in his Panasonic tape recorder was dying causing the tape to move increasingly slow - so played back at normal speed you will hear his voice speed up continually throughout the episode. Produced and distributed by Raptor Smoke Records.

    E3 - 46m - Feb 5, 2020
  • E02 - The Last Radio Station

    Among Weeping Willows and 200 year-old tombstones, in his favorite cemetery Slapstick ruminates on the passing of time and soaks in its incomprehensible movement. Here we find him slowly melting into the abyss and earnestly searching for any wisdom to be pieced together from the tragic motifs of life. Musical selections from the future and before history began punctuate this journey through space and time.

    Produced and Distributed by Raptor Smoke Records

    E2 - 48m - Jan 29, 2020
  • E01 - Nothing Left to Lose

    In a casual and relaxed setting Slapstick Machete rings in the new year and the roaring 2020s. Along the way he brings light to some of his darkest demons, brightest ideas, and the universe which cradles them all. Highlights include a cover of I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables, tears in space-time, and Slapstick continuing to procrastinate cleaning his room.

    Featured musical guest Stephen Byard plays guitar throughout, accompanying Slapstick’s tape sample soundscape and usual ramblings.

    Produced and distributed by Raptor Smoke Records

    E1 - 47m - Jan 22, 2020
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The Modern Imagination with Slapstick Machete