E05 - The End Is Nigh

Episode 5
48m | Feb 20, 2020

In this episode Slapstick explores our relationship with artifacts, the contagious nature of fearless self-expression, and creation without hesitation or, “the impulse of the imagination.” You will also hear a translation of the single preserved copy of, “The Complaints of Khakheperre-Sonb” an Egyptian Poem written between 1550-1292 BC - the most prosperous era of Ancient Egypt. This commercial for free art and poetry also includes musical interludes by Orator, Slapstick’s new Metal band. Captured at Orator’s first practice you will hear Jordan Swafford of Handlines on drums, Travis Trevisan of Tape Deck Mountain playing the guitar, Wes Ables of Public Spreads the News on bass, and of course Slapstick running his mouth. Produced and Distributed by Raptor Smoke Records.

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The Modern Imagination with Slapstick Machete