E04 - Follow Me! (or "Modern Cannibals of the 24th")

1h 7m | Feb 13, 2020

Originally titled, “Variations no. 1” this ambient tape is designed as a meditation on the creative process. This episode is best experienced with a pen and paper (or your favored weapon of invention) in your hands as it is meant to loosen up and energize the artistic areas of your brain. Slapstick made this sound collage from sampling over 300 tapes from his ever-expanding collection. This transmission contains moments, captured over one year of his life. You’ll hear the cassette warp fire engines into bombing sirens, and church bells into ghostly hands reaching out from another dimension. The first episode to be recorded in 2020, Slapstick calls this stimuli packed tape his most carefully crafted release yet. This special one-month anniversary of the show introduces new episode artwork designed by Slapstick himself and is also the first episode to feature an Artist’s Note at the beginning to help expound upon it’s origin and intent. Produced and Distributed by Raptor Smoke Records.

The Modern Imagination with Slapstick Machete