E03 - The Sacred Text

46m | Feb 5, 2020

Many episodes of The Modern Imagination were never intended to be a podcast or even intended to ever be heard by other people. Slapstick has been making tapes by himself, for himself for a long time as his own personal form of meditation, reflection, and therapy. This episode was recorded in October 2019, months before the idea of digitizing and releasing his tapes as a podcast came about, what you are hearing is Slapstick talking himself through his rebirth from a car salesman to an unhinged, wild and free artist.

Highlights include Slapstick reminiscing on his wild and comical childhood growing up in the swamps of central Florida, finding an infinite world of fun simply playing with the sounds of his own voice, and finding music in the everyday chaos of the city. During the recording process the battery in his Panasonic tape recorder was dying causing the tape to move increasingly slow - so played back at normal speed you will hear his voice speed up continually throughout the episode. Produced and distributed by Raptor Smoke Records.

The Modern Imagination with Slapstick Machete