• JTD Talks......SCORE

    What's up JTD co! Welcome to today's podcast. I'm pleased to go into detail about my journey with score and how they are helping me in. I also give you the opportunity to hear from my business mentor and see just exactly how you can get a business mentor for your journey. If you have been a part of JTD and listened to JTD talks then you know that this journey has been going on for months with me and my business mentor, and creating a business plan has been the foundation of our meetings, but he has introduced me to so many other organizations and programs designed to help me and my business succeed such as NAWBO and KEY4WOMEN. I go into detail about a few of the things that they offer on their website WWW.SCORE.ORG and how you can get involved with a score program near you. In this episode, I will also be updating you guys on some of the partnerships and projects JTDco has been working on as a brand and what we plan to do pushing forward. During the last segment of the podcast, I always give you guys either 3 resources you can use to help push your brand or business forward or 3 black businesses or entrepreneurs that I feel you should support, and today I give you a few resources that score has on www.score.org in order for you to take advantage of. JTDco.shop has also added brand new designs and items to their website and is looking to add more by the end of the week, so go ahead and add some variety and style to your little boy's wardrobe and purchase from the shop today!!!

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    Business mentor: Robert Cohen (Score)

    Score website: www.score.org

    S1E8 - 25m - Apr 22, 2022
  • JTD Talks......Networking

    What's Up JTD community!! I am always so blessed to be able to bring you guys a new episode. I know the upload schedule is off but I am still trying to find the best time to post for you guys!! Anywho... Today's podcast episode is all about NETWORKING.!!! Making those connections and getting in the room with like-minded entrepreneurs and talking business!! I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing business owners who introduced me to a lot of opportunities through networking. Something I would have never thought I would be able to do. In fact, had you told me 3 years ago that I would be in these rooms with some of these amazing people I wouldn't have believed you AT ALL!! So the fact that I am here now is nothing short of a blessing from GOD. In today's episode, I explain how I got started with networking, what it has done for me, and how we plan on keeping networking going within the JTD community. I also give you a well-needed JTDco business update as well as what to look forward to in the near future. In the last segment of the podcast, I share with you a few entrepreneurs and businesses that I feel you NEED TO KNOW!! Down below I'm going to link all of their social media so that you can follow them and support their business. For those of you who enjoy JTD talks, I want you to subscribe to our podcast, Like this episode, and share this content with your friends and family. If you want to join the JTD community outside of the podcast, follow us across all of our social media platforms that will be listed below. If you want to add some variety and style to your little boy's closet, or just support JTDco a little further, go ahead and purchase from our custom clothing line JTDco.shop. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE YALL  and cant wait to catch up with you on the next podcast episode. As always I will TTYL Bye!!!

    The Pull-up experience and their host

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    Courtney Renee

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    S1E8 - 29m - Apr 5, 2022
  • JTD Talks.......Consistency!!

    What's going on JTDco. Welcome to this week's podcast episode where I discuss my journey with consistency and pacing myself when it comes to managing my brand. We all know that disciplining yourself on showing up and showing out for your business is easier said than done. And trying to decipher if you're showing up "Too much" or "Not enough" feels like it's close to impossible!!! In today's episode, I share my experience when it comes to being consistent and showing up for my business as well as share the tips and tricks that I am going to incorporate in my business journey to help me improve in this area. Don't forget to ty tuned to the end so that you can et the three Gems of the day that are going to help push you forward in your business journey. If you truly are apart of the JTD community or want to join, Make sure you are following us across all of our social media channels AND DONT FORGET TO SHOP THE BRAND AT JTDCO.SHOP

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    S1E8 - 24m - Mar 26, 2022
  • JTD Talks…. Major Update
    What’s up JTDco. We are here with another episode bringing you the Update everything that’s been going on from the website to the podcast ! I am so blessed to have you all follow me and be apart of this journey and I hope to bring you value with this weeks content. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at JTDco.shop and Check out our YouTube at JTDco. Don’t forget to preorder your sweatshirts at JTDco.shop . Again I appreciate everyone so much for listening and I can’t wait to talk to you guys in the next video. Bye!!!
    S1E7 - 29m - Mar 19, 2022
  • JTD Talks.....Updating our Businesses !!
    What's Up JTD community!! In today's episode, we are going to be discussing ways to update your business and why it is important to make sure that you stay organized through your business journey. These business tips are geared toward my entrepreneurs who have already made the first few steps toward starting their business, including applying for an EIN, applying for a DUNS number, having a business phone number, address, email, etc. However, if you're still in your brainstorming and planning phase, you should still stick around and take notes so that you can be ahead of the game!!! Thank you so much JTDcoo for being a part of our community and journey and as we grow I want to remind you guys that we couldn't be here without you!!! As always, I will talk to you guys later!!! Bye !!! How to start your business for beginners: https://youtu.be/in02YBb68oY
    S1E6 - 25m - Mar 5, 2022
  • JTD Talks......Real estate for the boys!

    What's up JTDco, I'm soo excited to bring you this week's podcast. In this episode, we discuss the power of real estate and how it can open the doors of financial freedom for you and your family. Now I don't have any real estate background and wouldn't know where to start been if I wanted to so I've decided to bring on two Astonishing license real estate agents in Cleveland Ohio to come and drop some knowledge on yall today! I hope you enjoy this conversation with myself, Antonio Smith, and Brandon Gates (Notyouravgagent) as we explore the world of real estate and entrepreneurship.

    Where you can reach them:

    Brandon Gates: Ig. Notyouravgagent 

                            Company. Gates tree solutions/ Next Property Solutions (NPS)

    Antonio Smith: Ig. 5Knino

    S1E6 - 54m - Feb 23, 2022
  • JTD Talks.........Support, and Finding Your Target Audience

    Whatsup JTDco, in today's podcast episode, I wanted to give a little encouragement to everyone who is like me, starting a journey with little to no support. I also talk a little bit about finding your support through your target audience, the benefits of branding, as well as give our community a little update as to what's going on with the online store! Let me know if there is anything that I haven't quite touched on, that you really need from this podcast about Boys, Business, and Beauty. I hope you get some value and enjoyment from tunning in today, and as always, I will talk to you guys Next Week!!! Bye!! 

    S1E4 - 25m - Feb 2, 2022
  • JTD Talks...... Business

    Welcome BACK JTDco Listeners!!! Thank you so much for tuning in. In today's podcast, We are getting into the nitty gritty on business and digital marketing 101. I share with you my journey on how I got started with my business, as well as tips and tricks on how to become more discoverable for your audience, a few things I learned on drop-shipping, AND SO MUCH MORE!!! This podcast is filled with so much information, Things you can do to start that business TODAY!!! If you listen to this podcast and you get some valuable information from it, Go ahead and Share this podcast with your friends and family! Don't forget to join the community happening off the podcast on facebook and instagram @ JTDco.shop. For a step-by-step on everything I did to get started, Go ahead and check out "Our Journey" on our Youtube page at JTDco. And as always, I will talk to you guys later... BYE!!!!

    S1E3 - 21m - Jan 27, 2022
  • JTD Talks.......Our Boys!!

    In today's episode, I discuss how important it is for me and my boys to be careful not to allow everyone around them, as well as how important it is to pay attention to the things that are being said and done around your boys that could impact them in a negative way. I discuss how boys show up when it comes to business and the lack of representation they have when they are out shopping. I talk about my experience in the boy's clothing industry and why it's important for me to continue the journey no matter how hard it gets. I do cover a very sensitive topic on gender and sexual orientation very briefly, however, I do want to note that all opinions are respected on this channel and just because we do not agree on certain topics does not mean you are not welcome and invited to join the conversation or JTDco. I Appreciate everyone who tunes in and listens. I hope you enjoy this week's episode. I will talk to you Later JTD community. Bye!

    S1E2 - 30m - Jan 22, 2022
  • JTD Talks........Our first Podcast!!!
    What is UP!!! JTDco I am so excited to have you guys be a part of this journey with me! In our first podcast, I wanted to keep it light and introduce myself and my brand to the people who may be new to the community. As well as catch up with the people who are members already !! This podcast focuses on Boys, Business, and Beauty, in the black community. Here I will have very open and vulnerable discussions on my business journey, what it's like raising boys and balancing maintaining my beauty and mental health in the process. This community is meant to uplift, inspire, and motivate its members. As well as be completely honest about lessons and hard times I endure along the road to success. I truly hope you get so much out of this Podcast and by joining our community.... To keep the conversations going on outside of the podcast, Join us on: Facebook: JTDco.shop Instagram: JTDco.shop Youtube: JTDco
    S1E1 - 18m - Jan 21, 2022
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