JTD Talks......SCORE

Season 1 | Episode 8
25m | Apr 22, 2022

What's up JTD co! Welcome to today's podcast. I'm pleased to go into detail about my journey with score and how they are helping me in. I also give you the opportunity to hear from my business mentor and see just exactly how you can get a business mentor for your journey. If you have been a part of JTD and listened to JTD talks then you know that this journey has been going on for months with me and my business mentor, and creating a business plan has been the foundation of our meetings, but he has introduced me to so many other organizations and programs designed to help me and my business succeed such as NAWBO and KEY4WOMEN. I go into detail about a few of the things that they offer on their website WWW.SCORE.ORG and how you can get involved with a score program near you. In this episode, I will also be updating you guys on some of the partnerships and projects JTDco has been working on as a brand and what we plan to do pushing forward. During the last segment of the podcast, I always give you guys either 3 resources you can use to help push your brand or business forward or 3 black businesses or entrepreneurs that I feel you should support, and today I give you a few resources that score has on in order for you to take advantage of. has also added brand new designs and items to their website and is looking to add more by the end of the week, so go ahead and add some variety and style to your little boy's wardrobe and purchase from the shop today!!!



Youtube: JTDco

Business mentor: Robert Cohen (Score)

Score website:

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