JTD Talks........Our first Podcast!!!

Season 1 | Episode 1
18m | Jan 21, 2022
What is UP!!! JTDco I am so excited to have you guys be a part of this journey with me! In our first podcast, I wanted to keep it light and introduce myself and my brand to the people who may be new to the community. As well as catch up with the people who are members already !! This podcast focuses on Boys, Business, and Beauty, in the black community. Here I will have very open and vulnerable discussions on my business journey, what it's like raising boys and balancing maintaining my beauty and mental health in the process. This community is meant to uplift, inspire, and motivate its members. As well as be completely honest about lessons and hard times I endure along the road to success. I truly hope you get so much out of this Podcast and by joining our community.... To keep the conversations going on outside of the podcast, Join us on: Facebook: Instagram: Youtube: JTDco
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JTD Talks