JTD Talks.......Consistency!!

Season 1 | Episode 8
24m | Mar 26, 2022

What's going on JTDco. Welcome to this week's podcast episode where I discuss my journey with consistency and pacing myself when it comes to managing my brand. We all know that disciplining yourself on showing up and showing out for your business is easier said than done. And trying to decipher if you're showing up "Too much" or "Not enough" feels like it's close to impossible!!! In today's episode, I share my experience when it comes to being consistent and showing up for my business as well as share the tips and tricks that I am going to incorporate in my business journey to help me improve in this area. Don't forget to ty tuned to the end so that you can et the three Gems of the day that are going to help push you forward in your business journey. If you truly are apart of the JTD community or want to join, Make sure you are following us across all of our social media channels AND DONT FORGET TO SHOP THE BRAND AT JTDCO.SHOP



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