• Episode 0 - Hello World!

    Robotic Process Automation (or RPA) has taken the world by a storm in the past few years! Even though automation has been a strong driving force behind the digital transformation of many businesses for past decades, the software automation industry has seen a new vigour in the form of software bots developed on the RPA platform.

    There are many resources focusing on the financial and technical know-hows of this technology, but almost all of them miss out an important third sector - the Business Users whose process knowledge is what ensures the success of the robots.

    RPA is a low-code-no-code technology, in that it needs very limited knowledge of programming languages so anyone can get started. Although, this still means that anyone interested in getting started should understand the logical aspects of writing software programs.

    RPA For Everyone is an educational initiative dedicated to just this mission - make RPA simple and accessible to everyone, without compromising in the quality of the software code. Anyone and everyone can learn RPA!

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    3m | Jul 13, 2020
RPA For Everyone