001 - Unsure whether RPA Is A Good Career Path For You? Listen to this!

9m | Apr 6, 2023


In this introductory episode of the RPA For Everyone podcast, let's consider what is at stake when Robotic Process Automation becomes a part of your workplace.

The Post-COVID world has come to terms with a lot of changes, a major one being the increased demand for automation. As more and more companies consider making automation their growth strategy in the remote work environment, the expected skill set for various roles across industries will also change gradually.

Automation awareness is becoming a necessity of the times. And in this fast-changing space of Robotic Process Automation, it can be tough to keep track sometimes...

Enter - RPA For Everyone! The aim of this podcast is to decode the RPA technology to those new or unfamiliar with it, while also bringing the latest and greatest updates that could shape your career.

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RPA For Everyone