002 - The FOUR SECRETS To A Successful RPA Career

15m | May 7, 2023


Can one learn a language without its alphabet, or learn to run before they can walk... Most likely, the answer is No. Similarly, knowing the basic principles of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is equally important!

I would like to introduce the A-B-C-D-Framework for building a successful career in RPA! This is a cornerstone episode of the RPA For Everyone podcast, which introduces the four major pillars you must master in order to grow in the RPA world.

The subsequent episodes will drill down further into each pillar, detailing various aspects involved and their correlation to each other.

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Automation awareness is becoming a necessity of the times. And in this fast-changing space of Robotic Process Automation, it can be tough to keep track sometimes...

Enter - RPA For Everyone! The aim of this podcast is to decode the RPA technology to those new or unfamiliar with it, while also bringing the latest and greatest updates that could shape your career.

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