S3E18: Whoville Andy

1h 27m | Feb 17, 2023

WELP. Another big week. The Super Bowl happened. Plus, the gang finally gets to discuss Kevin Durant's trade to the Suns, and why Frank doesn't like Luka. And (for real) Chloe was there the night that Lebron broke the scoring record! This an action packed episode you won't want to miss. Pack it up, pack in it, it's time to begin the hoops crew!

07:30 1st Quarter / Super Bowl Chlo Zone 🏈

32:00 - 2nd Q / NBA Trade Deadline Recap πŸ€

1:05:00 - 3rd Q / LeBron Breaks the Scoring Record 🐐

1:16:30 - 4th Q / Hoopers & p00pers πŸ’©

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