Ten Beer Sunday

38m | Dec 1, 2023

In this episode Matt and Frank do the unimaginable - they drink ten beers. We discuss strategy on how to drink ten beers in one day, the odds that Frank falls asleep, new poses for the national anthem, and the new Steelers offensive coordinator, Chloe Mikala. We shotgun beers on air, we talk about gambling, and we react to Carrie Underwood live on air. It's the episode that will have you high fiving all over the place. This is our legacy. #TenBeerSunday

00:30 - 1st Quarter / Ten Beer Sunday 🍺

08:00 - 2nd Q / Beers 1-6 🍻

18:30 - 3rd Q / Beers 7-9 🍻

30:00 - 4th Q / The Final Beer 🍺

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