Chloe Loves Lebron (w/ Eli EL and Debbie Crabbe!)

1h 10m | May 2, 2024

This is it y'all - the episode where we finally get Chloe's origin story. Chloe reveals that she is the Joker to Lebron's Batman (LeBatman?). Special guests Debbie Crabbe and Eli EL join Matt, Frank, and Chloe to talk about Round 1 of the NBA Playoffs, as well as Bradley Beal, titles with asterisks, James Wiseman, and Ant Man. Show some love for the midrange and get on in here!

07:30 - 1st Quarter / NBA Playoffs Round One Highlights 🏀

26:30- 2nd Q / Chloe vs. Eli 🥊

31:00 - 3rd Q / Hoopers & p00pers 💩

51:30 - 4th Q / Game! 🧩

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