• S3E23: Purdue-kemon

    The gang is all here and we are officially in the season of Madness! We talk about UVA's loss (sorry Chelsea), Purdue's much more embarassing loss, MC getting into a fight, the UMD women's team, Angel Reese, and Hillbilly Kobe. Get on in here! This one's a good one!

    07:30 - 1st Quarter / March Madness Go-Round 🌀

    28:45 - 2nd Q / Bracket Check-In ✔️

    39:30 - 3rd Q / NBA Standings 🏀

    48:20 - 4th Q / Hoopers & p00pers 💩

    57m | Mar 22, 2023
  • S3E22: Hoops Crew in the Multiverse of March Madness

    This is, and you are, the Hoops Crew. Welcome! It's the most wonderful time of the year. March Madness is upon us. This week we are talking about all things Madness and we fill out our Women's and Men's tournament brackets. We also discuss how we love Oral (Roberts), purple teams, and the billiken.

    Want to play along in our tournament brackets? Click on the links below to enter:

    1h 10m | Mar 14, 2023
  • S3E21: Break Me, Steven Adams

    We're back! The whole gang is here to talk about the balls that are baskets. We get an update on Chloe's new year resolutions, and then the gang talks big NBA stuff like: Kevin Durant's greatness, Russ on the Clippers, and carding people for T shirts. Then we discuss the 2023 NBA All Hunk Team. Now this is my kind of content! Stop reading and get on in here you silly goose!

    10:30 - 1st Quarter / Zards & Bulls 🐃

    31:30 - 2nd Q / Basketball Grab Bag 🏀

    49:00 - 3rd Q / NBA All-Hunk Team 🥵

    57:00 - 4th Q / Hoopers & p00pers 💩

    1h 11m | Mar 10, 2023
  • S3E20: The Orkin Men

    Broadcasting to you LIVE from Bum City, USA, it's the Hoops Crew! We've got a great episode this week. This week, we discuss green beans, delusion meeting talent, the Capital City Go-Go, and obscure mascots like Keggy the Keg. We close the episode with a musical guest appearance by Damian Lillard. Buckle up and get in on here!

    07:10 - 1st Quarter / Wizards & Bulls 🏀

    29:00 - 2nd Q / College Hoops 🐢

    38:10- 3rd Q / Game! 🧩

    49:30 - 4th Q / Hoopers & p00pers 💩

    1h 0m | Mar 6, 2023
  • S3E19: The Smooth Jazz Episode

    It's our smoothest episode ever. No doubt. In a decision that is bound to make this our most controversial episode ever, Frank plays smooth jazz underneath almost the entire episode. Despite that, the gang soldiers on. We talk about which coach should go in the dunk tank, we recap the All Star weekend, and we talk about Mac McClung. Maclunkey! You're on the outside, looking in. Get in here and listen to the hoops crew!

    1h 6m | Feb 23, 2023
  • S3E18: Whoville Andy

    WELP. Another big week. The Super Bowl happened. Plus, the gang finally gets to discuss Kevin Durant's trade to the Suns, and why Frank doesn't like Luka. And (for real) Chloe was there the night that Lebron broke the scoring record! This an action packed episode you won't want to miss. Pack it up, pack in it, it's time to begin the hoops crew!

    07:30 1st Quarter / Super Bowl Chlo Zone 🏈

    32:00 - 2nd Q / NBA Trade Deadline Recap 🏀

    1:05:00 - 3rd Q / LeBron Breaks the Scoring Record 🐐

    1:16:30 - 4th Q / Hoopers & p00pers 💩

    1h 27m | Feb 17, 2023
  • S3E17: The 2023 Super Bowl Spectacular (w/ Joe Ehrenkrantz and Kyra Corradin)

    The Super Bowl is upon us and so we present to you a VERY special episode, with appearances by Adele, Bradley Cooper, Lebron James, and Justin Timberlake. We discuss our guest Joe's history with Philly sports. We then discuss the costume matchup in Kyra's Costume Corner. Other topics include: textiles, throat singing, horse poop, crab poop, and coffee beans that have been pooped. It's the greatest episode yet, and one that you will never forget. Get on in here - it's hoops crew time!

    18:00 1st Quarter / Life of a Philly Sports Fan 🦅

    38:00 - 2nd Q / Kyra’s Costume Corner (Super Bowl Costume Review) 🎭

    1:04:00 - 3rd Q / Game! 🧩

    1:16:00 - 4th Q / Hoopers & p00pers 💩

    1h 30m | Feb 10, 2023
  • S3E16: The Worst Missed Call of All Time

    The gang is all here to discuss a Very Serious Matter: The Worst Missed Call of All Time. We also bring in two very special guests: LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo. We discuss the NBA All Star Starters (which we totally called btw). We also discuss the NFL Conference Title games, as well as whether the Joker would be good on a basketball team. It's an unforgettable episode that the nation will be talking about for years to come. Get on in here and have some fun!

    11:30 - 1st Quarter / NBA All-Star Starters 🏀

    21:00 - 2nd Q / LeBron and Giannis Draft 🎭 

    34:45- 3rd Q / The Chlo Zone: Conference Championship Games 🏈

    1:00:00 - 4th Q / Hoopers & p00pers 💩

    1h 13m | Feb 2, 2023
  • S3E15: The Ryan Seacrest of the NBA

    Hello everyone and welcome back! This week, we are mansplaining what it is like being a Wizards fan in reaction to the Rui Hachimura trade. We received our first ever listener voicemail (!). We also talk more about the Green Turtle, a recent UMD basketball game, and so much more. It's the episode you've all been waiting for. Come on in, let's get to it!

    55m | Jan 27, 2023
  • S3E14: 🏆🍼🛩️🏠💰🏀🌊 🟰 🐆 🐊 🏗️ 🔌 ♍️ 🐾 📰

    The gang is all here! Join us for a rollicking discussion. Topics include:

    • Has Eli Manning ever had sex?
    • An idea for a new segment called Punchable or Lunchable.
    • A live report from Wizards/Warriors.

    We also break down some big moves in the WNBA, honor the career of Maya Moore, and so much more. There's a new Chris in town, and her name is Chloe. Don't know what that means? Press play to find out more!

    1h 6m | Jan 19, 2023
  • S3E13: The Serial of Basketball Podcasts

    Hello one and all and welcome back to the crew! Chloe, Matt, Greg, and Frank gather this week to discuss some very important issues, such as Aaron Rodgers's profile photo and Kirby. We also discuss Week 18 of the NFL season, and cast our ballot for the NBA All Star team. Frank teases his animosity towards Luka Doncic, foreshadowing an epic debate on a future episode. It's the Serial of basketball podcasts, and the true crime would be if you don't listen! So get on in here and press play!

    1h 13m | Jan 16, 2023
  • S3E12: Oink and Boink 2023 (or, The Com-ham-ders)

    New year, new hoops crew! MC, Greg, Matt, and Frank all gather together to talk through a pig deal: the new Commanders mascot, Major Tuddy. They also answer a listener question (shoutout to Ashley from DC), and discuss some new years resolutions for themselves, the pod, and their teams.

    This pod ends on a somber note as the crew contemplates in real time the ramifications of Damar Hamlin's injury. Shout out to Damar Hamlin - here's to a full recovery.

    1h 4m | Jan 6, 2023
  • S3E11: Basketball Santa

    It's a holiday season miracle! The hoops crew is joined by a very special guest: Basketball Santa. They also discuss two genuinely wonderful things: John Wall's return to DC and (more importantly) Britney Griner's return to the US. We then draft characters from holiday season lore to play for Santa's basketball team. It's the most wonderful episode of the year - get on in here!

    1h 10m | Dec 19, 2022
  • S3E10: Everyone is a Suspect

    It's our true crime episode and everyone is a suspect...even YOU! Gather around, gumshoes. This week, the crew (minus Chloe) is here to talk through our Hoops Crew 10, the week in the NBA, and to talk about that one time that a soccer player died on the pitch. It's a spinetingling episode that will leave you guessing until the very end. Get in here, everyone is a suspect!

    1h 14m | Dec 7, 2022
  • S3E8: Everybody in DC Better Eat Some Ass

    This is a pro Bezos podcast! The crew is all here, and we have a jam-packed episode for y'all this week. Matt, Greg, and Frank report back on seeing the Wizards beat the Mavericks, and their experience from being on the dance cam (!). We watch a video of Mike Pereira doing a weird thing with his tongue. We also play a game to identify the sports theme music. This is a good one! Don't delay, press play today!

    1h 10m | Nov 18, 2022
  • S3E7: A Bubble Bath in Lightning (with Mitch Lerner)

    The hoops crew is back and it's time to enter the Snyder-verse! This week, we welcome friend of the show and our first guest ever, Mitch Lerner. We discuss the Washington football team and the origins of our fandom. We also play a game of Smash or Pass with mascots from the NFL and NBA. It's the show everyone will be talking about for years to come. Press play now!

    1h 9m | Nov 18, 2022
  • S3E6: It's On Sight

    Matt, Chloe, and Frank are here for a very special episode of Hoops Crew. Frank forgets to start the recording, but we still manage to have a great time. The gang speaks their truths in a session of Fantasy Therapy. We also return to the Chlo Zone, and have our very first listener mail! This episode is an all-timer. Strap in, strap up, and get ready to get down with your Crew!

    1h 4m | Nov 3, 2022
  • S3E5: Tales From the Crypt...o.com Arena

    It's our first ever Halloween episode! Count Dunkula stops by to help host the show. We also discuss the MARVELous Mrs. Maisel and Chris Pratt before we get into the Chlo Zone. We debut a new segment and we don't really know the rules or how it works. But most importantly of all, we FINALLY play a Hoops Feud to determine the top 10 hottest players in the NBA (according to Ranker.com). It's sexy, it's spooky, it's the hoops crew! Get on in here!

    1h 17m | Oct 27, 2022
  • S3E4: My Extinguished Pleasure

    We're baaaack! Fresh off of a one-week hiatus, the crew is all here. We finish up our NBA overs and unders by going through the whole Western Conference, especially Matteo Spagnolo. We go back into the Chlo Zone, and we talk about the Try Guys (of course). It's the best podcast to ever come out this week. Come on in!

    1h 13m | Oct 20, 2022
  • S3E3: Haters to the Left of Me Standing in the Atlantic Ocean

    For the first time this season, the starting five is all here, and things are spicy! We discuss the win totals for the top teams in the Eastern Conference, and we introduce a new segment called The Chlo Zone. We also play a game to guess the hottest players in the NFL as ranked on Ranker.com. It's an episode you won't want to miss. Press play already!

    1h 11m | Oct 7, 2022
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