With Special Guest AI Companion!

1h 11m | May 21, 2024

We've had some great guests recently: Devin Mahoney, Eli EL, and Debbie Crabbe. This week is no exception, as we welcome the Zoom AI Companion to the show! AI Companion gives us a few delightful recaps of what we've talked about - and there is much to discuss! The WNBA season is here! The conference finals are here! All of that plus MC's ranking of Chicago sports teams, a discussion of statues, and a list of MC's boyfriends and husbands. Make like the AI Companion and get on in here!

08:30 - 1st Quarter / NBA Round Two Recap 🏀

29:30- 2nd Q / Wolves-Nuggets Game 7 🐺

44:30 - 3rd Q / WNBA Season Tipoff ⛹️‍♀️

52:00 - 4th Q / Hoopers & p00pers 💩

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