EMERGENCY POD: Stomp the Potomac Yard (w/ Mike Sparacino)

1h 17m | Dec 15, 2023

Huge news broke this week that our beloved Washington Wizards and Capitals are planning to move to Potomac Yard in Virginia in the not so distant future, breaking the hearts of many fans in the process. Frank, Greg, Matt, and special guest Mike Sparacino gathered on a late night call to discuss how we got here, what happened, and how we're feeling. We talk about the culture of basketball in DC, and the impact of the move on the community of the city. We share some history about Abe Pollin, Washington vs DC, MD and DC vs VA, and Greg shares live crime updates as he drives through the city. Frank also shares his perspective on the DC sports misery index, ranking which fanbase is most miserable right now. It's the best DC sports episode that you haven't listened to yet. Get on in here.

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