Team Dracula vs Team Edward

1h 9m | Oct 31, 2023

Hoopy Halloween! Frank Severfinger is joined by MC Murder, Chloe Mikiller, and Matt "The Gabaghoul" Sparacino to discuss the first week of the NBA and week 8 of the NFL. Then, the gang gets a strange letter from their Great Auntie Dame and draft two All-SCAR Teams. Press that play button and get on in here!

05:30 - 1st Quarter / Chlo Zone Week 8 🏈

22:30 - 2nd Q / NBA Season Begins πŸ€

38:00 - 3rd Q / Team Dracula vs Team Edward πŸ‘»

1:02:30 - 4th Q / Hoopers & p00pers πŸ’©

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