Ep 102: ft. Amy Green Smith on Having Difficult Conversations and Speaking Up For Yourself

Season 2
1h 4m | Feb 16, 2023

Amy Green Smith is a certified and credentialed life coach and hypnotherapist, masterful speaker, and personal empowerment expert. Amy uses her roles as coach, writer, podcaster, and speaker to move individuals to a place of radical personal empowerment and self-worth. With acute focus on helping people “find their voice”, she is highly sought after for her uncommon style of irreverence, wisdom, and humor and has been a featured expert in Inspired Coach Magazine and on Fox 5 San Diego.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Having difficult conversations with grace
  • Being in relationship with people you disagree with
  • Setting boundaries
  • How to have better communication with your coworkers, family, and friends
  • Regulating your nervous system to not be triggered during conflict
  • Cultivating Emotional Intelligence
  • Why hypnotherapy can help

Creative resources:

  • Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown

Connect with Amy:

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