Ep 117: ft. Ning Tendo on Dreamwork and the Gifts of Grief

Season 2
1h 5m | Feb 1, 2024

Ning is a published poet, grief guide, spiritual healer and dream yogi specializing in the intersection of the healing power of dreams, rituals, and spiritual constellations as potent tools for helping the bereaved evolve and continue their relationship with their dead loved one and find the light side of grief.

Her work as a grief guide is an integration of 10+ years of Tibetan dream yoga, 6+ years of Spiritual Healing and Constellations work, shamanic breathwork, African mourning and grief rituals, western grief models, sleep and dream science, a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from Columbia University as well as an embodiment of her personal experience grieving the death of her mother in 2018.

Her life’s work is to inspire people to develop a softer relationship with death and grief by learning how to consciously journey into their pain, evolve relationships with their dead loved ones, and extract the medicine, soul gifts and purpose hidden within their grief.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The gifts from death and grief
  • Connecting with your loved ones after they pass
  • The five dimensions of grief
  • Connecting with your loved ones through dreaming
  • How to start remembering your dreams
  • Interpreting the symbols from your dreams
  • Crafting rituals to support transitions in your life
  • The connection between creativity and grief

Connect with Ning:



Ning's Poetry Book: Death Song in Green

Creative Resources Mentioned:

  • The Dream Messenger by Patricia Garfield
  • Grief Dreams by T.J Wray and Ann Back Price
  • Unattended Sorrows by Stephen Weller
  • The Dark Interval by Rainer Marie Rilke
  • The Wild Edge of Sorrow by Francis Weller
  • Grief Dreams by Dr. Joshua Black
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