Ep 116: Announcing The Soul Radiance Retreat!

Season 2
1h 14m | Jan 18, 2024

Leya announces the launch of The Soul Radiance Retreat - a sisterhood, creativity, and self-love focused retreat from May 17th-20th, 2024 near San Diego, California.

An invitation to slow down, connect with your true self, and experience the magic of sisterhood.

She invites her co-hosts for the retreat, Shannon Keating and Ashley Love to discuss:

  • All the details for the upcoming retreat, The Soul Radiance Retreat
  • What Shannon, Ashley, and Leya have all gained from attending various retreats (including how they met at a retreat!)
  • Our WHY for creating The Soul Radiance Retreat + what you can expect to receive!
  • The fears that can come up before investing in a retreat
  • The magic of sisterhood and finding soul-aligned friendships

Learn more about the retreat:

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