Ep 107: ft. Jamie Varon on Identity Shifts and Writing her Book, Main Character Energy

Season 2
1h 8m | Oct 5, 2023

Jamie Varon is a Writer, Course Creator, Branding Expert and Executive Producer. Her first book “Radically Content” (along with the companion journal Radically Content: The Journal) was released in 2022 and her fiction book, Main Character Energy was released in 2023. She also created a course called Live With Intention and writes a newsletter on Substack called Plot Twist.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The Identity Shifts That Come with Reaching Success
  • How Writing For 2 Hours A Day Is More Productive Than Writing For 8 Hours 
  • Finding Internal Self-Worth As A Creative, Even After Achieving Your Dreams 
  • How To Live With Intention In The Age of Social Media
  • Dealing With Criticism Once Your Book Is Published
  • Valuing Your Own Creative Voice and Writing What You Believe In
  • How to Cultivate a Growth Mindset
  • The Differences of Writing A Self-Help Book Vs. A Fiction Novel
  • Her Book Writing Process for Main Character Energy

Creative Resources:

  • Outrageous Openness by Tasha Silver

Connect with Jamie:



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