#391: Wanting Love, Finding Love, Losing It + Keeping It w. Relationship Coach Lauren Zoeller

1h 1m | Sep 4, 2023

In this captivating episode, Lauren Zoeller, accomplished Love and Relationship coach and host of The Aligned Love podcast, joins Mimi for a deep dive into the realm of relationships and emotional well-being. Lauren and Mimi engage in a profound discussion structured around four essential themes: Wanting Love, Finding Love, Losing It, and Keeping It. Within the intricate landscape of dating, Lauren imparts her profound wisdom on embracing radical responsibility and transformative mindset shifts. She challenges prevailing notions about dating apps, shines a light on the intricate dynamics faced by Successful Women in Relationships, and advocates for the delicate equilibrium between masculine and feminine energies. Alongside these insights, Lauren delves into the role of trauma and its impact on relationships. This episode offers invaluable relationship guidance, touching on themes of self-worth, commitment, and navigating rejection, all woven into fostering healthy relationships.


- Career + Background: qualifications for a love and relationship coach, past dating experience, and love being 'worth the wait.' 

- Wanting Love: knowing when you're ready for love, dating apps, healing before seeking love

- Finding Love: why we seek out the familiar in dating, relationship values, and assessing if you're ready for commitment.

- Losing Love: fighting in relationships and if it can be fixed, dealing with breakups, ghosting, and grounding after heartbreak.

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