#405: From Wall Street to Wellness w. Cameron Rogers

39m | Nov 13, 2023

Cameron Rodgers, AKA Freckled Foodie, shares her journey from Wall Street to Wellness. Cameron's transition is nothing short of fascinating, and we dive deep into the pivotal moments that led her to reevaluate her life and prioritize mental health, wellness, and personal development.

Cameron opens up about her struggles with digestive health, the impact of a life-altering car accident, and the realization that her hyper-competitive and perfectionistic tendencies were taking a toll on her mental well-being. Through the challenges and self-discovery, she found a new path in the wellness space. The conversation shifts to pregnancy and the challenges of maintaining mental well-being. Cameron reflects on the shift from talking negatively to embracing a positive mindset, with a glimpse into Cameron's postpartum journey and tips for new moms.


- Transitioning from Wall Street to Wellness, how Cameron went from working in sales and trading to transitioning to the wellness space. 

- How Cameron's health struggles in her 20s became the catalyst for her deep dive into wellness, shedding light on the unintended consequences of an elimination diet and its impact on mental health.

- The life-altering incident where Cameron's collision with a car and subsequent concussion led to a transformative period of meditation and journaling, reshaping her outlook on life and career.

- Cameron's evolving perspective on mental health, from overcoming competitive and anxious tendencies to embracing personal growth and the reorientation of her anxieties towards her children's well-being.

- Cameron's authentic approach to wellness and the positive reception it garners, acknowledging the value of openness about both the triumphs and challenges in her journey.

- Gain insights into Cameron's strategy for handling criticism and negativity online, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing feedback from close connections and expressing empathy for online critics.

- Explore the profound changes brought about by motherhood in Cameron's life, including shifts in priorities, a reduction in perfectionism, and the transformative effects on her mental health.

- Cameron's commitment to authenticity amidst the polished world of social media, recognizing the power of genuine content and the impact it can have on fostering connection and relatability.

- Cameron's perspective on consumer responsibility in processing and reacting to content, encouraging self-reflection on personal triggers and the role emotions play in shaping perceptions of creators.

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