#393: How To Simply Shift Your Energy To Align With Your Future Self (Solo Ep)

19m | Sep 11, 2023

In this week's impromptu solo episode, join Mimi as she finds solace beneath a towering tree in London. After a transformative walking meditation, Mimi shares her insights on the importance of self-care when life becomes hectic.

Listen in to explore how a walking meditation can create profound shifts in energy and perspective. Mimi delves into the delicate balance between living in the moment and striving to become your best self.

Topics include:

- The power of small, targeted moments of energy alignment and their potential to find serenity and transform your entire day.

- Finding equilibrium between how you are feeling in the present moment and acting as your future self.

- The journey of improvement, debunking the myth of perfection, and the importance of bouncing back swiftly.

- How to manage your reaction to external irritations and reduce the impact they can have on your mood and day.

- Attracting desired outcomes by connecting with your future self.

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