#397: Healing From An Eating Disorder, Actionable Steps To Start Intuitive Eating + Managing a Generalized Anxiety Disorder w. Erin Treloar of @RawBeautyTalks

1h 9m | Sep 25, 2023

Erin Treloar, mental health and well being advisor, and the driving force behind Raw Beauty Talks, joins us on this week’s MIMI episode. Prepare for an inspiring episode that delves into Erin’s personal journey, navigating from a challenging battle with an eating disorder to a place of self-acceptance and radiant confidence.

Erin generously shares actionable insights for the path to self-love and acceptance, guiding poignant discussions on pivotal topics such as body image, intuitive eating, and effective anxiety management. She shares her truth on the messy middle of healing, unveiling the reality that the journey to genuine wellness isn't an immediate switch. Erin opens up about her decade-long struggle and the relentless grip that food obsession had on her. Her journey towards liberation from the clutches of her eating disorder is nothing short of empowering. From fostering self-love to embracing our bodies, this thought provoking episode uncovers the true essence of wellness beyond the constraints of societal expectations.


- Erin’s personal journey from her experience battling an eating disorder to embracing self-acceptance.

- Actionable tips for self-acceptance, covering body image, intuitive eating + anxiety management.

- Navigating the messy middle of healing, emphasizing that true wellness isn't an immediate switch + detailing her decade-long struggle.

- The Impact of societal standards, how societal norms + beauty standards have distorted our perception of health + body image, leading to the normalization of disordered eating behaviours.

- Reconnecting with our body's wisdom + the importance of listening to hunger + fullness cues, urging a reconnection with our body's innate wisdom to foster a healthy relationship with food.

- Image-related fears + the rising concerns related to facial appearance among the youth, influenced by the filtered faces prevalent on social media, + reflects on the blurred line between self-care + societal pressures.

- Cultivating self-love, acceptance + embracing true wellness beyond societal expectations, shared through Erin's personal experiences.

- Discussing the societal pressures surrounding appearance + body image, + finding a balance between health + external expectations.

- Sharing thoughts + experiences on Botox and emphasizing the importance of making choices aligned with personal beliefs and well-being.

- Exploring intuitive eating as an approach to develop a healthier relationship with food by listening to one's body and internal cues.

- Sharing personal journeys in managing anxiety and offering actionable tips to enhance mental well-being, emphasizing physical care and challenging limiting beliefs.

- Embracing self-love, empowerment, holistic wellness + fostering a positive and nurturing relationship with oneself.

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