#389: Building Billion-Dollar Dreams + Unveiling Entrepreneurship Insights with Dragons' Den Star Michele Romanow

1h 9m | Aug 28, 2023

Dive into this insightful episode as Mimi sits down with Dragons' Den star and tech entrepreneur, Michele Romanow. This episode encapsulates the essence of entrepreneurship and the journey of building a multimillion-dollar business. At just 37 years old and having founded six companies before turning 35, including her billion-dollar venture Clearbanc (now ClearCo), Michele's story is one of tenacity and innovation. Join Mimi as she delves into various aspects of Michele's journey, starting with her unique position as the youngest Dragon on Dragons' Den and her perspective on being a "born entrepreneur." Learn about the inspirations behind Michele's ventures, including her father's influence, and how her upbringing set her on a path to success. The conversation navigates through the conception and growth of Clearbanc, exploring the inception of revolutionary ideas and how Michele recognized the need for her groundbreaking company. Gain insights into the intricacies of entrepreneurship, success, and personal growth, all while exploring the dynamics of work and love, discovering the lessons learned and the insights that drive Michele forward.


- Exploring Michele's entrepreneurial background and introduction.

- Reflecting on the experience of being the youngest dragon on Dragons' Den.

- Understanding the challenges and experiences of being a young woman in the business world.

- Why Michele's entrepreneurial inspirations and early business influences such as family impact and upbringing shaping Michele's path to entrepreneurship.

- Navigating the strategies of entrepreneurship, diversification, and growth including decision-making in selecting the right entrepreneurial direction. 

- Defining success and its predictors, its evolution, and its multifaceted nature over time.

- Navigating relationships in business and planning for potential challenges.

- Stepping down from CEO position, decision-making process, and outcomes.

- Tackling the issue of perfectionism, its impacts, and overcoming it.

- Incorporating AI technology in ClearCo's operations and its evolution, and envisioning the future of AI and its implications on various industries.

- Managing ventures that face challenges and don't achieve desired outcomes.

- Rapid-fire questions covering various entrepreneurial aspects.

- Michele's thoughts on economic predictions, recession, and financial challenges. Addressing economic concerns, debt crisis, and investment strategies.

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