The Two Jacks - Episode 71 - Albo's got a problem or two

1h 35m | May 5, 2024

The Two Jacks discuss the controversy around an appearance at a rally in Canberra for Women's Rights. Did he say what the organiser claims he said? "I'm the prime minister and I run this country." The truth is he didn't say that but it's not a good look anyway and Albo's been running dead on it since.

There are further problems with the individuals released from detention by order of the High Court after one was charged with a vicious home invasion in Perth where an elderly lady was severely beaten.

Overseas the Trump trial has had no effect on his polling while in the UK, the Tories are beset with immigration problems of their own.

In sport, JTI laments his beloved Blues' defensive weakness while the Swans continue their winning ways. 

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