Episode 159 - Mandla Banned - Brand Reborn - RFK Jr (not an AV) - BPFW - SovCits - BABET!

Season 1 | Episode 159
1h 11m | Apr 30, 2024

We have gone back to basics and brought an old school program! We have BPFW and AV Update! All that's missing is Eric.

In news we look at Nelson Mandela's grandson - a parliamentarian - bizarrely banned from twitter. Why? Well, Elon is South African so...

Russell Brand finds god which suspiciously lines up with police investigation into sex offences but don't worry - he's getting baptised! The sins gets washed away. Is that a legal defence?

In Antivaxxer Update we look at a bunch of dickheads who say they are not antivaxxers but abosolutely are.

Which Black Pilled Fuckwit Said That makes a quick comeback.

And in SovCits we have a big fan of paper terrorism - you'll have to listen to see how that plays out.

Oh, and Zippy Babet is an idiot.



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