Recovery Secrets from an Avid Ironman - Part 1 - with Anthony Di Paolo

Episode 34
1h 4m | Mar 13, 2022

This weeks episode I go into depth on some of the helpful tips I’ve learned over the years for helping improve recovery. I cover off the big ones being Sleep, Nutrition and Hydration. As well as an overview of the ‘Recovery Pyramid’. The episode goes as follows:

  • Catching up on the past week (0:00 - 25:00)
  • Saw the new Batman Movie (19:40)
  • How do you write your shopping lists (23:00)
  • Fact about Childhood trauma shaping who you are today (25:00)
  • Had to do a few auditions for some Ads (27:00)
  • Recovery Secrets Overview (32:00)
  • Sleep/Quality Sleep (33:50)
  • Ways to improve sleep (37:52)
  • Nutrition and Hydration (51:34)
  • Eating more helps (55:28)

As always I hope you enjoyed the episode! If you have any questions or feedback shoot me a message on instagram @anthony__dipaolo

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