Leading a Healthier Lifestyle - Part 2 - with Anthony Di Paolo

Episode 37
1h 4m | Apr 3, 2022

After giving a brief 20 min recap of my week that consisted of mostly training and a few funny stories I continue the deep dive into the question posed last week ‘How do I lead a healthier lifestyle?’ covering off the other two aspects that I believe are important being ‘Mental Health’ and ‘Work Life Balance’. The episode goes a little like this:

  • Weekly Recap - Mostly training talk this week (0:00-20:00)
  • Running in the dark is scary (8:35)
  • EMOMs are awesome (16:18)
  • Samuel L Jackson is 73!? (20:00)
  • Got bitten by a Bull-ant (23:00)
  • Witnessed a guy get stuck under a height Gauge (24:14)
  • Recap of last weeks Episode (28:00)
  • Is there anything wrong with being ’soft’? (31:47)
  • There’s a difference between mental toughness and mental health (32:32)
  • Cramp City (33:40)
  • Its not hardcore to push through poor mental health (35:10)
  • Sometimes mental stress can drain you more than physical stress (36:45)
  • Mental Health Tips (39:45)
  • Mental Health is important for overall wellbeing (42:00)
  • Work/Life Balance (42:20)
  • Overall Tips for leading a healthier lifestyle (47:35)
  • Who wouldnt want to lead a healthier lifestyle? (58:48)

As always I hope you enjoyed the episode! If you have any questions or feedback shoot me a message on instagram @anthony__dipaolo

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