Woke Robots and Sauna Rants - with Anthony Di Paolo

Episode 50
37m | Aug 1, 2022

We have done it 50 Episodes of the Podcast! (Pause for celebrations) I intended to give you guys a podcast extravaganza but unfortunately time didn’t allow it once again! I promise Ill deliver on the extravaganza in a few weeks time! This week I talk about a huge range of things from my mindset, to robots and some sauna rants! The episode goes as follows:

  • I was stuck in a and mindset for a few days last week (2:00)
  • I am officially an ambassador for the Greensborough Tri Club (GTC) (4:48)
  • Sauna Rants are back (7:00)
  • There should be a place for the dicks of the world to hang out (9:00)
  • Young girl carving it up at the track (11:00) 
  • This weeks training (14:25)
  • Swim Time Trial (15:00)
  • Cut my FTP Test short on Wednesday (17:00)
  • 10km Time Trial Predictions (20:00)
  • The dogs have Kennel Cough (23:30)
  • What are some unnatural feeling sensations? (25:11)
  • 'The end of the world with Josh Clark’ MUST LISTEN (27:30)
  • Would you watch this? (32:57)

As always I hope you enjoyed the episode! Tell your friends and leave a review! If you have any questions or feedback shoot me a message on instagram @anthony__dipaolo

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