Recovery Secrets from an Avid Ironman - Part 2 - with Anthony Di Paolo

Episode 35
1h 1m | Mar 20, 2022

This weeks episode after talking a bit of shit, I continue to go into depth on some of the recovery tips I’ve learned along the way as an everyday athlete. I cover off the last 3 blocks of the recovery pyramid being Mental/Physical Stress, Recovery Therapies and Recovery tools. As well as an overview of the ‘Recovery Pyramid’. The episode goes as follows:

  • Weekly Recap (0:00 - 11:00)
  • Scored myself some new running shorts (10:15)
  • Rough as workouts for the week! (11:10)
  • Fuel Prices are cooked (19:01)
  • Black Garlic (23:40)
  • Stress Management (27:20)
  • Best way to manage physical stress (33:00)
  • Give yourself time to switch off (37:20)
  • Recovery Therapies (38:20)
  • Movement is great for Injuries (39:10)
  • Recovery Tools (43:18)
  • Whole Food Plant based diet improved my recovery HEAPS (48:00)
  • Recovery Pyramid Recap (52:05)
  • My Super Power (56:19)
  • Do they cage up the quiz masters of The Chase? (56:34)

As always I hope you enjoyed the episode! If you have any questions or feedback shoot me a message on instagram @anthony__dipaolo

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