Tenzin Atsentsang - Endeavoring to Get Closer to the Tibetan Community

Season 1 | Episode 4
43m | Nov 19, 2019
Tenzin Atsentsang, a Senior Account Executive at RedIQ, was born in Gangtok, Sikkim and moved to Beaverton, Oregon after his father was selected for the U.S. Tibetan Resettlement Project. Atsentsang recalls growing up in a predominantly White suburban neighborhood in Oregon, and doing the majority of his schooling around that area. In his 6th grade, he shares how he started paying more attention to education after seeing all his peers being celebrated for their accomplishments. Then, Atsentsang discusses his thoughts on education and what his life could’ve been if he was educated in India or Nepal. After college, he unfolds the journey to his professional life and how he ended up being in New York to get closer to the Tibetan Community.
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