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Behind The Peaks Podcast

It’s rare to find professionals from Himalayan community being celebrated in mainstream America. Behind The Peaks Podcast is a response to the growing number of Himalayan professionals. Every episode, we embark on showcasing the unique journeys of Himalayan professionals in America. Find us on instagram @behindthepeaks


Tsering Bista - Exploring the Unease of Wearing Bakhu in Mustangi Gatherings
Show Details47min 58s
Tashi Wongdi (Part 2) - PhD research on Mustang, Nepal
Show Details36min 32s
Tashi Wongdi (Part 1) - PhD Research on Mustang, Nepal
Show Details39min 12s
Nima Sherpa - Dream to Open a Montessori School in Nepal
Show Details45min 22s
Tenzin Atsentsang - Endeavoring to Get Closer to the Tibetan Community
Show Details43min 58s
Tenzin Khedup - Adapting to a New Kind of Tibetan
Show Details46min 11s
Pemba Sherpa - Journey to Work at National Basketball Association
Show Details1hr 21min
Tenzing Sherpa - Defining His Relationship to the Himalayan Community
Show Details1hr 27min
Trailer: Behind the Peaks
Show Details1min 51s