Spilling Creator Tea with Jayde Powell

Season 1 | Episode 7
50m | Apr 20, 2023

Jayde Powell is content creator and marketer who has been featured in Business Insider, Ad Age, Forbes and beyond. Jayde is currently the host of #CreatorTeaTalk on LinkedIn audio, and also the founder of the Weed for Black Women community. In this episode, Tiff and Jayde discuss creating inclusive spaces for Black women, pitching yourself as a creator, and the power of setting boundaries. No is a full sentence, okay?!

In this episode:

  • (12:40): The difference between a content creator and influencer
  • (16:00): How Jayde created and curate her own original series
  • (23:23): Cultivating long lasting relationships with brands
  • (40:00): How to negotiate your rates as an emerging creator


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