How Brands and Creators are Leveraging LinkedIn

Season 2 | Episode 23
19m | Feb 15, 2024

Is LinkedIn the new Hot Girl Platform for Creators? In this solo episode, Tiff deep dives into the platform’s engagement opportunities and monetization avenues. What’s covered: strategies for success, how to earn a LinkedIn badge, and a recap of our recent Navigating PR + Media Relationships LinkedIn audio event.

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The highlights:

01:03 LinkedIn's Algorithm and Visibility

02:17 LinkedIn's Business Professionals and Creators

02:50 LinkedIn's Guide to Creating

05:09 Becoming a Leading Voice in the Creator Economy

06:00 How to Obtain a LinkedIn Badge

10:03 LinkedIn Branding Session

10:46 LinkedIn Live Event Recap

12:32 The Impact of AI on Media

13:32 Ethical Use of AI in PR and Journalism

16:42 Nurturing Long-term Connections


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