(NNT EP. 05) Hacker, Jonathan Scott: Part I "The New Generation of Hackers"

Episode 5
1h 10m | Nov 18, 2021

Buckle up for Part I in a series of interviews with one of the best hackers in the world, Jonathan Scott AKA Data AKA JonathanData1. Data was recently ranked the number 1 hacker in the US (yes they have ranking systems for that) and has constantly ranked in the top 5 globally for many years. He is an entrepreneur, cyber security expert, an asset for the intelligence agencies, and will soon be launching his new crypto currency. In this episode he discusses how these ranking systems work and what the modern day hacker looks like. We also discuss some major vulnerabilities he has reported with LG phones, Verizon, and Yahoo (which one got him kicked out of HackerOne). This episode is just the setup for some major bombshells that will drop in Part II and Part III regarding Apple, UFOs, the government, social media, and more.

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