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Nate Night Talks

Nate Night Talks (NNT) is a community and research database dedicated to (re)exploring the fundamental questions that have captivated and vexed humanity throughout the ages. Together we will examine these crucial questions through a more enlightened and modern lens. It is time we fearlessly scrutinize the old narratives about life, the planet, and our place in the universe. If we don’t understand our own consciousness or the nature of the universe we will never understand our place within it.


The mission of the NNT community is to expand consciousness and encourage critical thinking and independent research into subjects that have been unjustly stigmatized, demonized, and relegated to the fringe. We aim to shed light on the truth, challenge preconceived notions and judgements for those ready to listen. The NNT community will create and nurture new thought leaders for a species in transition. We hope to breakdown and dispel old and dangerous narratives and usher in a new paradigm of love, empathy, oneness, and endless possibilities. For we are the authors of our own reality; and it’s time to create a better one for us all.


The purpose of the NNT podcast and weekly Clubhouse room is to share my 12 years of rigorous research and first-hand experience with the UFO, ET, and Psychedelic phenomenas, among many other subjects. Throughout my investigation I’ve tracked down authors, visited numerous UFO hotspots, and have seen/experienced many life-changing and inexplicable things. I have traveled the world to visit ancient sites and cultures. I’ve sat with the most powerful psychedelics on the planet where I was shown my higher-self, other dimensions, and beings of unfathomable intelligence. And I’ve done all of this because I needed to discover the truth about consciousness, God, the universe, my purpose, and life outside this planet. With all I’ve seen and learned I still don’t really know anything. But I’m happy to share my experiences and learn about yours so that we can all grow together. That is what the NNT community is all about.


We believe the truth is in fact “out there” and it always has been. It’s just been waiting for us to take sovereignty over our own consciousness and seek it out with openness, intelligence, and discernment. The NNT community is here to aid in that search. We are putting together what we hope will become the largest information database for the research and study of UFOs, ETs, Psychedelic, Consciousness, and other related subject matter. The database will continue to grow as the community gets larger. All members are encouraged to submit new/old information (books, videos, pictures, documents, expert testimony, etc) they have come across while doing their own research. Once vetted by a NNT admin it will be added to the community database for the benefit of all.


The Nate Night Talks podcast and Clubhouse rooms are there to act as a catalyst for further investigation and community discussion into various subject matter. Armed with weekly podcasts, the ever-growing NNT database, and a social ecosystem that promotes open-mindedness and unity, our community members will be able to engage in meaningful, productive, and respectful discourse. We believe this is the path towards true understanding. The community is set up so that you can comment on post and in threads as well as direct message other members. Perhaps the most incredible component is under the "Personal Experiences" Topic. This is the area where we can all go and share our personal UFO, Abduction, Psychedelic, or Altered States of Consciousness stories with the community free of trolling or censorship. 


Below is a list of the topics found within the NNT Database and discussed on the Nate Night Talks Podcast and CH rooms. 

🛸 UFO & USOs

🍄 Psychedelics

👁 Consciousness

👽 Extraterrestrials & Multidimensional Beings 

🗿 Ancient History 

🛩 World Travel

🕵️‍♂️ Coverups, Disinformation, Counter-Intelligence, and PsyOps

⌛️ Quantum Physics 

☯️ Spirituality & Energy

🏛 Secret Societies

🧬 Biotech

🤖 AI