42. The Energetics of Deservingness ~ Solo Episode with Lea Fisher

39m | Nov 27, 2023

Listen in on this solo episode with Lea as she discusses the energetics of deservingness and her journey from unworthiness to deservingness. Also, she elaborates on her "Authentic Code" as it relates to the To Be Magnetic program and outs the shadowy aspects surrounding each pillar of her code. 

We think this will be helpful for YOU to identify some of your fundamental values and hopefully gain inspiration to weed out any shadowy aspects in your process so that you can be free to cultivate a deep knowing of deservingness in your own life.

Today on The Art Of...

  • Reducing shame: You are only as sick as your secrets!
  • Four pillars of my Lea's authentic code
  • The To Be Magnetic program
  • Outing shadowy aspects of an authentic code
  • The Devine as a power source
  • An action plan to cultivate deservingness


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