45. 2024 Astrological Teasers with Rachel Ruth Tate, Host of the Astrology Roadshow

49m | Jan 8, 2024

🌟 In today's episode, Lea chats with Rachel Ruth Tate as she dives into the major astrological events shaping the first half of 2024.Together, Rachel and Lea unpack the cosmic forces at play, shedding light on the powerful alignments and transitions that will impact our lives in the coming months.

Rachel shares her insights on how each astrological event may manifest in different areas of life, providing valuable guidance for navigating the cosmic energies. Listeners gain a deeper understanding of the potential opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, empowering them to embrace the cosmic flow. 🌙

Whether you're a seasoned astrology enthusiast or simply curious about the cosmic dance above, this episode is for you.

🌟 Enjoy 🌟

In today's episode of The Art Of...

A brief review of the astrology ending for 2123

Astrological weather for the first half of 2024

Pluto entering Aquarious 1/20

Total solar eclipse 4/8 and what effects it may have on individual energies

Jupiter conjunct Uranus 4/21

Jupiter entering Gemini


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